Life With Friends

There exists a certain part of life that is possible where you have an ideal set of friendships and relationships, lets call that Life Y. You and I do not live in this alternative reality, we live in Life X. This life is good yes, but imagine waking up and knowing that you are supported and are nurtured by an amazing group of people from around the world all available at the touch of a few buttons when opening up the AlumniMatch app or any other communication app – but you met these folks because of AlumniMatch.

The passions of your life would be amplified, you could get more done, you would have more energy, you would feel more fulfilled and confident. An amazing person once told me she was constantly looking for “her tribe” and never could quite find it in her local community which is limited. My dad then told me that the population of our world probably will reach 9 billion people fairly soon, so how do you find your tribe amongst those folks? AlumniMatch is that answer, well at least a start to find connections to your ideal tribe within your high school and college alumni networks – because you share such a bond and common experiences with those people.

AlumniMatch is here to serve you and will always be there as a compass to locate a group where you feel truly empowered to be yourself and do amazing things for the world.

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