You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers!

  1. Can I join more than one alumni network? Yes! You can join up to 5 alumni networks, but members are asked only to join networks from which they graduated from. We are also adding high schools in the platform very soon!
  2. Is it easy to remove my account and all of my data from AlumniMatch? Yes! It is super easy to remove your account and any data you have put into the database. Your data is your data and you can do whatever you want with it. We only collect your data to drive the matching algorithms. You are able to choose which profile information is visible to people within your alumni network and you can make profile info invisible and private to everyone. Your data is never sold or shared. You can remove your account and erase all of your data easily, anytime.
  3. Why do you ask all of those questions during user registration? First off, all questions are select option questions so it is fairly easy to get through. Second, we ask about 30 to 40 questions such as “On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you want to be matched to others that share the same religion as you do?” – for example, and then as you can imagine if you select a 1 then the match percentage to other alumni changes vs. if you had selected a 10. Answering the questions in user registration enables our algorithms to calculate a very accurate match percentage to others. When you join, you are presented with lists of other members from highest matching % to lowest. We try to make the user registration process fun, easy, and fast as possible.
  4. What do I do after I am registered as a new member? After spending a few minutes answering the matching questions, then you can do a variety of things such as: Read and Post in the Bulletin Board, view lists of other members, view other member’s profiles, send other members messages (even without being a Friend yet). The app is a fairly simple Community building space only for college alumni within each user’s specific alumni network.
  5. Is there a cost to join or is AlumniMatch a free app? The app is 100% FREE. There is no cost associated and never will be.
  6. What if I am not a social media person and I do not use social media? AlumniMatch is not a social media app, AlumniMatch is an online community of college alumni only from your college. If you care about networking and building relationships within your college alumni network for jobs, friendships, spiritual guidance, teaching & learning, and sharing hobbies / interests – then AlumniMatch is DEFINITELY going to be an app you should at least try. Think about AlumniMatch as a college alumni community app. If you want to interact with other college alumni in a private space, then AlumniMatch is worth your time.
  7. What if I am already overwhelmed and overloaded by my current social media apps, why should I add AlumniMatch to my already limited time? We suggest to ask yourself what value do social networking apps give you? Then, think, if you could tap into an ever growing community of college alumni, what relationships might you discover and what information might you learn from reading posts to a Community Bulletin Board where everyone has access to the posts from your alumni network. Is it worth 5 to 10 minutes of your time to at least try AlumniMatch out?
  8. How much time does it take to participate in the community? Not much! We know time is limited and valuable so we always try to limit the amount of time things take. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to get through user registration, then it is super quick and easy to add a Post to a Bulletin Board and scroll through other posts. There is one Menu and it links to all of the sections of the app. We send you notifications of new members so you don’t have to keep checking the app. If you ever have suggestions on how to make the app easier, we are all ears!
  9. What if I do not want to build relationships with my college alumni? If that is the case, then AlumniMatch is probably not a good app for you.
  10. How does AlumniMatch make money? We have created a Sponsors engine, enabling business owners (think lawyers, financial consultants, realtors, dentists, doctors, loan officers, community membership coordinators, etc.) to post information about their business and post ads throughout the platform. All ads are created by the business owner and they can only list their company and ads within their own alumni network. So, you only see ads from business owners who share the same alumni network as you AND you can see the match percentage between you and the business owner.
  11. What people run and own AlumniMatch and how do I know I can trust what they say? The AlumniMatch company is run by a group of people who care about alumni. Many of the original founders are from the University of Oklahoma and were pioneers in developing the Sooner Information Network at OU in 2001. AlumniMatch is run by a group of developers and technical designers because of the void in the app marketplace for an alumni specific networking app.