Welcome to AlumniMatch!

The three core values which drive the AlumniMatch platform are:

  1. Community – a trusted, private community of ONLY alumni from your college(s).
  2. Shared Passions & Purpose – get matched with others who share the same passions and purpose as you do.
  3. Legacy – share your knowledge with everyone from your college alumni network so other alumni can learn from you.

Imagine walking into a space where there are thousands of other college alumni ONLY from your college alumni network! Each new AlumniMatch member answers questions about what types of relationships they want to build and then are matched to everyone else in their alumni network.

AlumniMatch is a MOBILE APP and WEB APP

You can download our Mobile App by clicking on one of the below app store buttons:

You can watch our two minute video below which gives a nice intro about the AlumniMatch app: (it’s entertaining, promise!)

Take a moment to……find your college alumni soulmates, your tribe is out there!

Imagine the relationships you could form if you could easily discover college alumni that are similar to you from around the world.. that is AlumniMatch! See the images below to see what it looks like within the app:

Important Information: One of the COOLEST benefits of AlumniMatch is that you join once (for free), and then you DO NOT have to keep coming back to the app all of the time to find matches. All you do is sit back, and AlumniMatch sends you notifications when another alumni joins that is 20% matched to you or more. ALSO – if that wasn’t cool enough, within the notification it tells you the person’s match percentage to you – so you can determine if viewing that person’s profile is worth your time or not.

For example: Lets say you join on a Monday night. It takes 5 minutes to join, then you close the app. Then on Thursday another member joins that is a 83% match to you. The notification would look like this:

  • Donna L (83%) just joined – go say hi!

AlumniMatch is the only app on the planet that does this!